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Kayıt tarihi : 18/02/09

MesajKonu: OyuncuLar............   Cuma Şub. 20, 2009 2:36 pm

JENNIFER BEALS / BETTE PORTER; Dean at California University

Jennifer was born on December 19, 1963 in Chicago, Illinois and appeared in the movie Flashdance while a freshman at Yale, studying American literature. While at Yale, she was classmates with David Duchovny, who suggested her for a part on The X-Files (which went to Gillian Anderson). More

; film executive / Mom

Laurel was born on May 23, 1971 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and is best known for her roles as "Randy Dean" in the film The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love and as "Justine" in the TV series Angel. More

Mia was born on January 25, 1976 in Toronto, ON Canada and was raised by her father, a journalist, and mother, a teacher. Attended McGill University in Montreal where she studied Russian Literature and 20th century movie industry. Mia has previously been seen in New Best Friend, and the Fox series 24. More

Kate was born on December 29, 1976 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania to a mother who was a dancer on Broadway & a father who was a violin maker. She moved to New York at 18 to study acting & supported herself through a modeling career. She has also performed on stage with cousin Gwyneth Paltrow. More
LEISHA HAILEY / ALICE PIESZECKI; journalist / radio announcer

Leisha was born on July 11, 1971 in Okinawa, Japan, grew up in Nebraska and graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. Leisha was a member of the musical group The Murmurs - later renamed Gush. Hailey has been romantically linked to fellow musician K.D. Lang. More

Rachel was born in Swindon, England and graduated from Sheffield University, where she studied English and Drama. She was heavily involved in the theatre scene and is a founder member of the Crowded Theatre Company and has acted in and directed productions for them. More
PAM GRIER / KIT PORTER; musician / club owner

Pam Grier was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on May 26, 1949. Dubbed the "Queen of Blaxploitation," Pam Grier brought a formidable presence to her roles in the 1970's. Her most famous role of the 90's was Jackie Brown, directed by Quentin Tarantino, which was a homage to her earlier 70s action roles. More
DANIELA SEA / MAX SWEENEY; information technology specialist

Daniela has travelled extensively and has lived in many different countries while making art, writing songs, being a street performer and in some places even dressing as a man. She is best known as little prince within the musical community and can sometimes be seen performing with Bitch More
CYBILL SHEPHERD / PHYLLIS KROLL; chancellor of California University

Cybill Shepherd, former beauty queen and model, rebounded from a disastrous early career in motion pictures to become a highly respected television performer. Born on February 18, 1950 in Memphis, Tennessee, Shepherd won the 1966 Miss Teenage Memphis contest. More

Janina - born November 29 to Pete and Mohra Gavankar is an American of Dutch and Indian decent. Janina grew up in Joliet, Illinois and studied classical music before pursuing an acting career. At a young age Janina trained in Opera performance, classical piano, and orchestral percussion. More

Marlee Beth Matlin was born on August 24, 1965. Marlee became deaf at the age of 18 months due to a bout with Roseola Infantum. That didn't stop her from acting in a children's theatre company at age 7; she was Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz." More
ROSE ROLLINS / TASHA ; Captain in the US National Guard

Rose Rollins had a successful career as a model in New York working on numerous commercials & major advertising campaigns, before moving to LA to pursue her love of acting. The multi-award winning television series "The West Wing" launched Rollins' career in front of the camera, playing the recurring role of 'Susanne,' the assistant to Allison Janney's character 'CJ Cregg.' More
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