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MesajKonu: mARİna...   Cuma Şub. 20, 2009 1:40 pm

Karina Lombard comes from a mixed heritage. Her mother is Lakota Indian and her father is Russian, Italian and Swiss. She lived with her father in Barcelona and attended Swiss boarding schools. She speaks English, German, Italian, Spanish and French.Birthday: Karina was born January 21, 1969 in Tahiti.
Calvin Klein Model: Karina Lombard was discovered by a photographer who was working on a Native American Calvin Klein campaign. One of the shots of her ended up on a billboard.
Not her first 'L' Word: Lombard's first film was L'isle, a mini-series from Canada. She also appeared in The Firm (1993) seducing Tom Cruise's character and Legends of the Fall (1994) as Brad Pitt's Native American wife.
On the L Word: Karina Lombard played Marina on The L Word. She was the owner of the Planet Cafe where all the girls hang out in Season One.
Seduction: Marina seduces straight-girl Jenny. The two can't seem to keep away from each other, even though Jenny is engaged to Tim. The drama heats up when Tim discovers their affair. Jenny later proclaims herself to be a full-fledged lesbian.
Marina Returns for Season 4!: Karina Lombard did not return for Season Two or Three of The L Word. Despite fan outrage and petitions to keep her, Karina was let go. Her character, Marina, had a mental breakdown after she and Jenny called it quits. Rumors have circulated about why the widely popular Karina Lombard was let go from The L Word, but only she and The L Word producers know for sure.
Show producers have confirmed that Karina Lombard will return for Season 4 of The L Word.
On Love Scenes with an woman: In an interview with Planet Out Lombard says, "Yes, these are the first onscreen scenes I've ever done with a woman, and personally, I do not have any issues at all about same-sex love scenes or same-sex anything. I grew up in Europe, and you know -- you love who you love, so I didn't have to prepare, you know what I mean? " Hmmm.... What DO you mean Karina?
Yes, She is Single: Karina Lombard has not come out as lesbian, bisexual or straight, but she has said she is single.
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